Helping you achieving goals in Mexico.

International (Mexico)

If your company's objective is to expand into Mexico, Sierra Finance can help you achieve those goals. We understand that expanding into a new market in a different country poses a challenge to every business, as they are faced with a different set of laws and requirements. 

Sierra Finance has relationships with experienced personnel in Mexico who understand the laws and processes giving you peace of mind while financing your receivables and purchase orders. 

Let Sierra Finance customize a financing plan for your receivables and let your business expand beyond our borders. 

Getting Started

Find out if Sierra Finance is the right accounts receivable financing company for your business. Fill out an application and we will provide you with a competitive factoring quote. Among other things, approval is contingent upon customer credit verification. 

  1. We will credit check your customers and establish a credit limit
  2. Once you prepare your invoices for your customers, you will send them to us with proof of delivery or proof that your service was performed
  3. We will verify that your customer received your product or service
  4. We will mail your invoices and give you cash equal to the predetermined percentage less any fee
  5. Your customers will remit payment to our address
  6. Access your account online and verify your customers activity.

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